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miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016


Im the son of Sea,
Under the overwhelming darkness,
in the depths of the heart of the earth,
someting satarted to change.

Life was unknown,
the loneliness falsely destined to eternity,
She commanded over the sea and lusterless forgotten,
someting satarted to change.

In the depths a grand storm was taking shape,
the waves paved the way,
where the sand was mixed with the sea,
and this was the beginning.

From the surface to infinity,
A powerful light invaded the sea
lighting up the whole world
my progenitor made me with all elements

Finally, when everything was done
an earthquake shook the seabed
and my whole body emerged in water and covered of fire
my strength would reach infinity of creation

 Love hanging from my hands
lust gripped my feet
the sea son lived here
and reign to end.

 And here begins the beginning of everything. 

I am the son of the sea.